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Modern sewage systems made of polypropylene are designed and rely on interactions between…
The components of the system are an alternative to traditional drainage systems that rely on gluing one piece to another using an adhesive to facilitate the assembly process and ensure no leakage. This is what made Misr Al Nour, as one of the leading institutions in Egypt and the Middle East, taking giant steps towards the future of the plastics industry.
In this regard: Misr Al Nour manufactures all products that cover and serve modern sewage systems that rely on interactions between system components and whose dimensions range from 50 mm to 160 mm, which keeps pace with developments in the field of the plastics industry.
In addition to the drainage systems and their components,  Misr Al-Nour provides the rubber rings and gaskets necessary to complete the interference operations and ensure the efficient operation of the system in the long term.

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